Welcome to the RM of Fisher Branch  


Welcome to the RM of Fisher

Where Paradise Awaits You

This web page has been designed by the R.M of Fisher with many of the research and pictures obtained through the Fisher Community Development Corporation.

We are pleased to present this web site to you so that you can learn more about

Fisher:  Untamed Heart of the Interlake.


The Rural Municipality of Fisher is found in the scenic heart of Manitoba's North Interlake Region. The municipality is located approximately 150 kilometres north of the provincial capital, Winnipeg. Fisher is easily accessible by driving north on Provincial Trunk Highway 17. The municipality's largest centre, the Village of Fisher Branch, is also conveniently located along the highway. The area is primarily fertile agricultural farmland and parkland. Fisher boasts many pristine lakes, an abundance of forests, and an abundance of nature trails and native wildlife that makes the area a rich experience for the nature lover.


Fisher was first inhabited by Native and Indigenous peoples of Canada. The early 1900s saw the municipality being settled by immigrants of many different European nationalities.

Immigration to Fisher began to increase in the early 1900's with many of the early settlers being of French and Ukrainian descent. Bringing their meager belongings with them by ox team, these immigrants were hopeful of finding a better life in Manitoba.

The Village of Fisher Branch was originally named Wasoo but later was changed to Fisher Branch because it was beside a branch of the Fisher River.

After the building of the railway in 1914, the municipality quickly grew with schools, churches and a nursing station being established.