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Northern Trail Blazers Inc.


Northern Trail Blazers Inc.

Fisher Branch, Manitoba


Board of Directors for 2011/2012

President: Barclay Uruski

Vice President:

Secretary-Treasurer: Darcy Plett


Matthew Karsin          Elmer Stupnikoff       Darcy Plett      Brian Karsin

Wayne Vandersteen   


The Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who assisted our Club this past winter(2011/2012).

Special thanks to all the landowners who allowed our Club to mark our trail for the safety of all snowmobilers. It takes a lot of effort in planning and operating a Club in order for it to achieve success.

Our Club has had tremendous volunteer support from posting signage, grooming trails, to organizing the races.  On behalf of our Club's Board of Directors, we say Thank You for a job well done, we are

so grateful for your continued support.


Fisher Branch Womens Institute


President: Dianne Magnusson

President-Elect: June Kopys

Past President: Bernice Enstrom

Secretary: Pearl Homick

Treasurer: Stephanie Hyde

Directors: Rosie Barrett, Tannis Chudy, Wendy Klimchuk, Sheena Letexier, Lori Smith, Nellie Smith,

The Fisher Branch Womens' Institute became a chartered organization on April 1,1948.

The main objectives of our organization are education of our members, community involvement and comradery.

The monthly meetings usually have speakers pertaining to health, safety, family, world issues and community efforts.

Womens Institute is non-partisan and non-political.

Our organization is open to women of all races and creeds.

Fisher Branch Womens Institute is very fortunate to have a great group of ladies who truly care for each other and for our community.

Womens Institute Motto is:  " For Home & Country"

All Ladies are welcome the attend our meetings which are held on the First Wednesday of every month

starting at 8:00 p.m. in the Fisher Branch Community Centre Club Room.



Chaika Dance Club




Board of Directors: 2008/09


Co-Presidents: Lori Shepell, & Josie Davidow

Secretary: Leanne Kochan

Treasurer: Heather Cruikshank

Directors: Donna Lindal, Cathy Imlah


The Chaika Dance Club was founded in 1970 thanks to the efforts of two ladies,

Mrs Emily Pawlyk and Mrs Francis Skuba.


The aim of the Club then, and continues to be to the present day, the promotion and appreciation of the Ukrainian culture and traditions by educating our children in Ukrainian dance, music, language and customs.


The Club has performed at our Annual concert, Malanka, school concerts and other community events. They have very successfully competed at several competitions in Dauphin, Brandon, Teulon, Winnipeg and Yorkton throughout the years. They have performed at the Dauphin Festival, the Interlake Festival of the Arts, Folkorama, as guest performers at other concerts and community events and at the Pan Am Games in Winnipeg.



Greetings – Bread and Salt


Ukraine was known as the breadbasket of the world. It’s rich humus soil produced grain in great abundance. From the respected staple of life, wheat, Ukrainian homemakers developed a variety of artistic-looking breads. Ukrainians regard bread as one of the holiest of all foods.

The round loaf of bread or "Kolach", a symbol of eternity, is used with a mold of salt, in various shapes, as a humble but heartfelt greeting to visitors.

"With this bread and salt we greet you.

We invite you to preserve the Ukrainian culinary arts,

by teaching and passing on these traditions to your loved ones."




Fisher Branch Chaika Dancers

performed in Yorkton, Saskatchewan on May 1-3rd, 2009

Congratulations on a very successful competition.

The following is a list of participants and medals received.

Junior Group

( Jaden Kochan, Alayna Kochan, Jovan Hamrlik, Jessica Truthwaite, Kapri Walashek- Neault,

Ashton Leduchowski, Emily Mazur, Laine Vandersteen, Cassidy Webb, Tristan Webb,

Bogdan Witzke)


GOLD - Poltava

SILVER - Hutzel

TROPHY Winner For Best Poltava In Their Age Group ( Adjudicators Choice)


Intermediate Group

( Maria Golas, Jessica Stocki, Cheyenne Hudson, Janaya Hamrlik,

Deneika Leduchowski, Sheena Skibinski, Carlea Shepell, Tekla Vandersteen, Ian Lindal, Waylon Walashek - Neault, Cole Stocki, Mark Skibinski)


GOLD - Transcarpathian

SILVER- Junior Hopak

Senior Group

( Jenna Hnatiuk, Ashlan Hnatiuk, Hannah Cruikshank, Chelsea Shepell, Kristen Rudyk,

Laurin Rudyk, Michelle Dandeneau, April Wilson)


GOLD - Volyn

SILVER: Buko Wheat Dance



Fisher Handi-Van Inc.




Fisher Branch & Area Dispatch  372-7314


Senior Resource Program

(Sponsored by Fisher Branch Senior's Resource Council Inc,.)

Box 119,

Fisher Branch, Manitoba


Coordinator: Debbie Danish

Phone (204) 372-7315

Senior Resource covers the Rural Municipality of Fisher (communities of Fisher Branch,

Broad Valley, Poplarfield, Chatfield, Fisherton, Hodgson).

Our goal is to provide services to seniors so they are able to live independently in their own home as long as possible. We rely on volunteers to provide these services, and volunteers are always needed.


Meals on Wheels

Together with other services, organizations and volunteers, Meals On Wheels will help the elderly and the disabled remain in their own surroundings, as well as provide good nutrition.

Congregate Meal

The meal lets seniors enjoy a home cooked noon hour meal up to five times a week ( Monday thru Friday). It gives the people a chance to assist in the food preparation, cleanup and time for socializing.



Fisher Game & Fish

Bird feeding program  continues. Oil sunflower seed is  available for sale. Cost per bag is $20.00.

The deer feeding program continues as well this year. If anyone has 2nd cut alfalfa or grain please contact Mike Stocki (204) 372-6248. We take this opportunity to thank the people who donated hay or lent a helping had for the deer feeding program.

Game & Fish memberships are due in January 2009.


Fisher Branch Song Birds

The Fisher Branch Songbirds are a Community Choir who entertain the community. They meet once a week for practice. Anyone interested in joining can call 372-6684

Members are: Jean Myden, Dianne Senkow, Anne Buchko, Grace Ponchon, Bernice Enstrom, June Kopys, Jean Guimond, Ed Konopetcki, Augustine Konopetcki, Ann Danish, Pearl Homick,

Dori Eberhard, Bud Klus, Jake Kalyta, Cubby Barrett, Myrs Kubas, Frank Skibinski, Ann Kalyta, Vicky Humeniuk, Patti Witzke, Charlene Miller, Tilly Malenchak.


Fisher Branch Happy Gardeners Club

Contact: Janice Podaima

Phone 372-6075

Other members: Wendy Klimchuk, Ruth Davis, Janet Danish

Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month of March, May, September and November in 2009.

If you are interested, please join us at 7:30 P.M. at the Fisher Community Development Corporation building

located on Tache Street in the town of Fisher Branch.


Ukrainian National Home



Ukrainian National Home

Board of Directors:

President: Ruth Davis

Vice-President: Ed Small

Secretary: Helen Woloshyn

Treasurer: Dan Malofie

Director at Large: Donna Rudyk


To translate the Constitution of the Ukrainian National Home from Ukrainian to English.

Mission Statement

" To build and support culture of the Ukrainian Heritage, language, books, school, song and



For bookings of the Hall call: Helen Woloshyn @ 372-6013



Fisher Branch Community Centre


Fisher Branch Community Centre

Fisher Branch, Manitoba

Board of Directors:

President: Bud Klus

Vice-President: Joyce Wilson

Secretary-Treasurer: Mary Kubas

Directors: Kay Chudy, Amy Obszarski, Pearl Homick, Allan Letexier, Dianne Magnusson

June Kopys, Ida Marie Draper, Nellie Kuryk, Ruth Grosjean

For Bookings call: Richard Baril: 372-6157


Fisher Cadets